Dust Collection Systems

Dust Collection System Specification or Design

Comtec has been involved in both specification of new dust collection systems and the detail redesign of existing systems to increase capacity. 

Typical upgrade tasks include the following.

Assessment of existing system capacity and calculation of required extra demand. Cost estimate for modifications to existing system to incorporate the new requirements.

Detail design of modifications to existing system to capture and transport dusts.

Supervision of fabrication and installation and commissioning of new system to meet air flow requirements.

Dust Collector Retrofits.

Comtec has re-designed several of the older style bag filter dust collectors to allow the filter bags to be changed from the "clean air" side instead of the "dirty" side. This involved the design of a completely new top section of the dust collector which incorporated a new tube plate suitable for the "Snap Ring" filter bag mounting system. The new top section incorporated all the compressed air filter bag cleaning equipment so that the downtime for the installation was minimised. The plenum chambers were all modified to comply with the laws of fluid mechanics which govern fluid flow and ensure high efficiency operation. 

Some of these retrofits also included a capacity increase with increased filter cloth area, upgraded fan and associated ducting to achieve the increased capacity.

Capture Hood design

Comtec has been involved in the redesign of dust collection hoods where dust capture has been unacceptably low. Modifications to the existing designs to comply with the fundamentals of fluid mechanics have all resulted in marked improvement in performance. 

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