Anode Slot Cutting Process

Aluminium Smelters are adding slots to the carbon anodes to reduce the voltage drop caused by small bubbles on the anode surface. The slots provide an escape passage which lowers the resistance of the interface.

Comtec were responsible for the layout and cost estimate for incorporating slots into an existing anode production process. This project was completed on time and on budget.

Project Overview

Comtec were responsible for the overall layout, processing building layout and design of all the material handling equipment and systems. Material handling involved several screw feeders to remove the sawdust from the saw and a special screening machine called a “Trommel Screen” to remove contaminants from the sawdust stream. The carbon sawdust was then transported in a dilute phase pneumatic conveying system 400 metres to a redundant storage tank. The tank was modified to receive the products of the pneumatic conveying system by adding a “drop out” drum and a vent system to an existing dust collector. The tank top was strengthened and an overpressure vent valve designed to protect the tank from the pressure capacity of the pneumatic conveying system blower. The sawdust from the tank is removed and transported by purpose designed screw feeders into the carbon feed stream.

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