Anode Fine Cleaning Machine

The Anode Fine Cleaning machine removes surface contaminants from the spent anode so the cleaned anode material can be reused in the process. The machine uses steel shot which is propelled onto the anode using shot wheels to create a high velocity stream of shot. The impacts of the steel shot remove the contaminants.

Effective machines have the following features

  • Accurate placement of shot pattern on the anode

  • Easily replaceable internal wear linings to maintain machine integrity

  • Easy access to shot wheels for regular maintenance

  • Careful design to eliminate shot leakage through entry exit and other openings

  • Efficient shot separation system to separate the steel shot from the carbon contaminants

Comtec has had extensive design exposure to all of these aspects of anode fine cleaning machines having redesigned all of these features on existing shot blasting machines.

We have a complete machine on our “Products” page in which all the lessons of the improvement work are included in a “clean sheet” approach to creating a leak free high efficiency shot cleaning machine

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