Anode Shot Blasting Machine

Anode cleaning machines employing shot blasting technology are self destructive pieces of equipment.

The high speed steel shot creates wear on the internal linings and is able to escape through the smallest opening to coat the surroundings in steel shot.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of these machines is dependent on the location and direction of the shot stream from the shot wheels and the ability to remove contaminants from the shot supply.

Comtec has had many years of fine tuning of existing shot blasting machines to improve all these aspects of performance.

This has prompted us to design a "clean sheet" shot blasting machine which incorporates all the lessons we have learned as we have upgraded performance in all the key areas.

The machine we have designed has had the sealing system tested in an existing shot blasting machine and has proven leak proof after hours of continuous exposure.

This machine uses two shot wheels placed so that the shot pattern creates an optimised cleaning arrangement. The shot patterns are based on extensive testing of existing shot wheels to determine the location, size and intensity of the shot stream.

We have also designed efficient shot cleaning systems to remove waste material from the shot to improve the shot blade life.

If you are interested in a proposal to upgrade your existing shot blasting equipment then contact us and our Engineers will be able to provide a variety of options for your consideration.

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